About us

The concept of a multilingual medical history reference book was originally contrived at a student meet-up in the early 90s. A team of medical students was pieced together from England, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Each group contributed its respective native language skills to the project. The individual chapters have thus been written by medical experts in their mother tongues.

Following numerous negotiations with publishing houses, Dr. Hannes Eichinger and Dr. Pablo Hagemeyer decided to launch the medical dictionary on their own in the form of an app.

Dr. med. Hannes Eichinger

Dr. med. Hannes Eichinger

Surgeon, Trauma Surgeon

After years of work on the chapters, a well-rounded product has taken shape.

Dr. med. Pablo Hagemeyer

Dr. med. Pablo Hagemeyer

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

It's thrilling to see the final version and I look forward to continuing fast-paced development.

Idea and concept

  • Pablo Hagemeyer
  • Maxine Patel
  • Anita Rijneveld
  • Fréderique Beverdam
  • Roxana Gunny
  • Sophia Stone
  • Christopher Muller-Pollard


Authors, translators and supporters

  • Hannes Eichinger, Berlin
  • Pablo Hagemeyer, München
  • Samuel Collin, Clermont Ferrand
  • Joshua Jared Lang, Strasbourg, Portland/Oregon
  • Sebastián Guckenheimer, Buenos Aires
  • Chris Müller-Pollard, London
  • Anita Rijneveld, Amsterdam
  • Frederique Beverdam, Rotterdam
  • Gerhard Doelle, Braunschweig
  • Marcel Verhoff, Giessen
  • Patrick Weydt, Seattle
  • Thomas Klopstock, München
  • Christine und Peter von Butler, London
  • Ines Hagemeyer, Bonn
  • Stefan Arnold, München
  • Andreas Schlüter, Cambridge
  • Paul Breitenberger, München
  • Burak Koçer, Bochum
  • S. Fördereuther, München
  • Roland Strauß, Leeds
  • Norbert Faas, Zürich
  • Maxine Patel, London
  • Roxana Gunny, London
  • Sophia Stone, London
  • Anita Stone, London
  • D. Chitnavis, Oxford
  • J. Chitnavis, Oxford
  • P. J. Rees, London
  • A. David, London
  • G. Jackson, London
  • A. Lopez, Guildford
  • P. Dazzan, London
  • C. Pariente, London
  • T. Vince, London
  • M.R. Patel, Southend-On-Sea
  • A. Hubbeling, London
  • J. Martinez-Raga, London
  • M. Blom, Den Haag
  • H. Buller, Rotterdam
  • J.A. Duijvestein, Enschede
  • J.R. de Groot, Amsterdam
  • H. Neumann, Amsterdam
  • M. Nashmen, Amsterdam
  • M. Prummel, Amsterdam
  • T.A. Rijpstra, Rotterdam
  • G.N.J. Tytgat, Amsterdam
  • A.L.A. van IJsseldijk, Rotterdam
  • Teresa Merino, Madrid
  • V. Di Giacco, Ulm
  • Bruno Gonzales Zorn, Madrid
  • Rosa Hernandez Medina, Aranjuez
  • Rita Frormann, Berlin