Linguistic pitfalls are now a thing of the past when noting patient's history!

Our Mission

Putting knowledge and clinical experience at your fingertips the world over. Once legal and linguistic barriers have fallen, doctors and medical staff can work anywhere. When abroad, medical staff require comprehensive knowledge of special medical terms, including the (sometimes erroneous) terms used by lay people!

Unfortunately, medical schools don't really provide linguistic training and very few language schools offer medical language courses. TAKING MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONS has you covered, offering simple and competent assistance with linguistic obstacles to doctors and nurses working abroad.

With more and more doctors and medical staff on the move throughout Europe and the world, there is greater demand than ever for an app that meets their needs in a competent manner. TAKING MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONS aims to fill this gap.


TAKING MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONS includes the questions and vocabulary necessary for proper medical history taking, examination and reporting of cases to colleagues in each medical discipline. We don't provide literal translations, but the sentences and phrases actually employed in medical practice.

TAKING MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONS is for doctors, students and medical staff, such as nurses, who have basic skills in a particular language and would like to improve them for professional use, in order to communicate with patients or colleagues.

TAKING MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONS offers a systematic approach to taking medical histories, conducting examinations and presenting cases in four languages (English, German, Spanish and French), while focusing on medicine the way it is actually practised. At the same time, TAKING MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONS is unique in taking into account cultural aspects and expressions.

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Unique feedback option: You can share each expression or term in social networks or send it to the editorial staff, along with a feedback message, for reporting errors or suggesting additions. Taking Medical History Questions is thus undergoing a constant process of optimization and expansion thanks to its users' contributions.